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Frequently Asked Questions

Already a member? Welcome to the Body Wellness family. As a paid member, you have unlimited access to all of our live and recorded classes when logged into our website. Join a live class with your webcam for a truly interactive experience or keep it off but still practice with your teacher in real-time.

All live classes are recorded so you can practice your favorite class again and again! Recorded classes are usually available for 60 days.

We offer flexible membership plans to suit your needs and fitness lifestyle. Browse our pricing page to learn more about your option.

For a limited time, we are offering to all new paid members a charter membership, guarantying that as a paid charter member, your membership will always remain the same and will never see an increase! This is actually a crazy good deal, since we will be adding new versions and enhancing the site with additional fitness and wellness programs.

Membership plans are automatically renewed at the end of your chosen membership period.

All Computers: If viewing on a computer, we recommend using the latest Google Chrome browser. Live classes and recordings work on most browsers. Make sure you got the latest version of your browser. You can download Chrome here.

Android, iPhone, & iPad: You can use the same Body Wellness Online account on all compatible devices. Our techies are working on integrating our software so that it will perform with all platforms including all wearables. This is version 1.0. we will be updating our versions and adding more fitness and wellness pretty darn quickly.

No worries! You can request a new password by going here and clicking "Forgot password?".

When joining a live class through a browser, you will be asked to either turn your camera on or off. If you choose to join with your camera off and wish to turn on your camera later during the class, you will still have the option to do so by clicking “Menu” from the bottom left of your screen and choosing “Enable my camera”.

The angle of the camera would depend on the type of device you are using, but you are able to adjust it easily by viewing your own picture when your camera is turned on. As long as you are able to see yourself well, so will the teacher.

Your connection is perfectly safe when attending live classes. Our services are continually being monitored and updated to assure you safe and secure access to our live classes.

There is always enough space for everyone in our classes, so you do not need to book in advance. However, we recommend booking classes and turning on notifications to get you in a routine quickly. A booked class is already a class half done!

  • Level 1: For beginners.
  • Level 2: For those with some prior experience and are at a middle fitness level.
  • Level 3: For those with an established fitness level and like a challenging class.

Doing a fitness exercise in your home is almost the same as in a fitness studio. — all you need is some dumbbells, mat, or other exercise equipment, and you’re ready to go. It always helps to find an area corner with enough space to move around freely, clearing away any clutter and turning off your phone.

Body Wellness classes are designed so that no unique fitness expertise is required for participation. All you need in addition to a stable internet connection is a computer/laptop with a web browser, or a mobile device with the Body Wellness site on your home screen.

At our website, we offer the convenience of recurring payment using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards. After making your first purchase, your membership will automatically renew once the current one expires. You can cancel anytime, which will still allow you to access the service generally until the end of the billing period. We will not refund the remaining time.

Absolutely! We work with Paypal, a United States company which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfer are secured and encrypted. Making your purchasing experiences easier and safer for you. Paypal meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. We take your privacy very seriously. Body Wellness Online does not store full credit card numbers, but instead, only the last four digits and expiration date.

No, absolutely not. Your credit card details are not stored on our servers. The information goes directly from your computer to our payment service provide

To ensure that there are no breaks in your membership, you may upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. However, If you downgrade from a higher charter membership to a lower membership after the charter membership time is over, you cannot be protected from any future price increase. The first charge from your credit card will take place only after your previous membership level ends. After that, you will not need to worry about renewing your membership anymore!

Monthly memberships are billed month to month. No contract. No obligation. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

Yes, you can pause your account for up to two billing cycles if you are subscribed to any of our monthly membership plans. The service starts on your upcoming billing cycle and allows you to update your account, and keep your videos for 60 days without paying for either one or two billing cycles. To pause your account, please contact our customer support team directly.

After login, you can change your current password by going to Me -> Settings. If you are logged in via Facebook, it is not possible to change your password in our service.

Start by checking that you have the right browser. We recommend using the latest Google Chrome browser, which can be downloaded here, and, being connected to Wi-Fi assures optimal performance.

  • The volume level may vary depending on the device and internet connection you are using.
  • Check your speaker on your devise and make sure it is at 100%
  • Live class and recording videos may freeze if your network bandwidth is low. The minimum speed required is 1 Mbps with low latency. We recommend testing your local network speed with a tool like Speed test.
  • If you are using the mobile app, make sure to have at least half of your device memory unused. You can check this by going to your device Settings -> Memory.
  • Try stopping the streaming and then restarting it again.
  • We use full commercial fiber optics with hardwired connections, so we are transmitting at a very high level.

The quality of video and audio during live classes may also depend on your internet connection. If the connection is weak, it will have an impact on video quality. Quite often, the quality improves after the class has been on for a while.

Audio takes less bandwidth than video, so audio should always work. Ideally, the minimum speed required is 1 Mbps with low latency. You can test your local network speed with a tool like Speedtest.

To ensure good streaming quality during live and recorded classes and to control your mobile data usage, we recommend you use Wi-Fi when possible.

If the Android shows that you are offline, please check your internet connection using your mobile browser and then come back to the app.

No previous experience is necessary. The range of Body Wellness Online classes ensures that you will find a suitable class regardless of previous experience or style of fitness and wellness practiced. The description of the classes is defined in such a way that you will easily find suitable classes, whether it is your first ever online fitness class or if you are already an established fitness person.

Body Wellness Online philosophy is to offer different styles of fitness classes and levels in an unbiased way regardless of styles. We also urge our members to try new, different types of classes to find the best form of practice for them.

One of the most amazing things about Body Wellness is that there are so many different fitness classes to choose from. The best way to find out which Fitness class best suits you and your goals is to try different classes for yourself! Whether you are after an energizing aerobic fitness or a restorative stretch, there is always a class for you. Most importantly, when taking a fitness class, it is always important to listen to your body and take time to discover a practice that gradually helps you feel calmer and more present in your mind, and more flexible and robust.

We have highly trained and fully certified instructors and trainers, from the professional level to the Elite Lever to the Master level. Our professional staff is well known in the industry. They bring their expertise available to an even more extensive range of fitness enthusiasts through Body Wellness Online.

We recommend seeking advice from your doctor before starting exercise to ensure that the type of exercise is suitable for you.

In regular classes, we practice twists, deep forward bends, and poses that target your core. These movements are not suitable for pregnant people. However, we do offer some prenatal yoga classes you can attend! You can start practicing yoga full-on about three months after birth. In any case, you should always consult your doctor first.

Yes, they can! Even if the child does not have the energy to be involved in the entire class at home, there is usually enough stimulation to be found so that the parent can complete the class.

We are all different. A two-way, real-time connection offers our teachers the possibility to instruct fitness classes by taking individual tendencies into account. This way, the fitness class is safe and effective for every participant, regardless of your previous fitness class experience or own physical characteristics.

No, they cannot. Only the teacher can see all the class participants. Besides, you can choose to attend a class with your camera on or off. If you want to receive tips and personal guidance from the teacher, we recommend turning your camera on.

Nope. Everyone that attends a live class, whether with their camera on or off will not be recorded. Only the teacher will be recorded and has the sole right to see you during the class.